Yo, trainer! I was waiting for you! It has been too long, amigo. Or have we never met before? Haha, good one! Either way, the name's Flint. I'm a master of Fire Types and part of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Nice to meet you!

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[ Volkner scooted back to lean against the couch, amused after looking through Flint’s documents to find the episodes he had downloaded. ]

You’re not that discrete, you know.

….  [He took a moment to gather what was going on, but then softly hit Volkner’s head with the bottle of Fanta.]

Don’t go looking through my porn now, you can have that later. Dr. Horrible now. Dr. Horrible.


Yeah. [ He unfolded the laptop beside the television and sat on the floor, crossing his legs ] Fanta.

[ Connecting up the laptop with the cables and adapters, the architect leaned back and turned it on, watching both screens reflect each other on the television and the computer. ] Oh, and don’t go in the closet.


[The redhead walked back to the kitchen, getting a bottle of Fanta from the fridge for the blond, and some hot choco for himself; eventual returning to sit down on the couch.]


[ He watched as another thirty cables poured out after tugging the HDMI one from their clutches, glancing down at the pool around his feet ] …

[ Shrugging, he moved them back inside with his foot and closed the door, going to hook up the laptop to the television ]

[Flint walked back into the livingroom again, placing the plates on the table and grinning at his best friend.]  Going well, Volthead?

I’ll get’cha something to drink too. What’cha want?


[ Volkner sighed and ran a hand through the blond locks atop his head, watching after the dazed looking elite. His attitude hadn’t changed, but lately he had been running off into his own world, and to say it wasn’t bothering or worrying the gym leader would be a lie. ]

I’ll hook it up then. [ He stood, moving into Flint’s room to pick up his laptop from the cabinet, dropping it on the couch as he passed by it again. Venturing to the closet, Volkner pretty much dumped himself inside; looking for the spare A/V Adapter and the HDMI Cable. ]

Oh, thank you!

[The male softly hummed to himself one of Dr. Horrible’s songs, trying to remember it as he put the pizzas on some plates and cut them up.]


{ She shakes her head, answering the fire type elite’s question. } I’m already a gymleader and I don’t plan on taking part in another Pokémon league any time soon, maybe one day though.

Speaking of Pokémon leagues, you don’t seem familiar to any of the Johto or Kanto gym leaders or elite 4… you must be from elsewhere 

Oh? A gymleader? Where? I haven’t seen you before!

You’re correct, lady! I’m from the Elite Four in Sinnoh. That’s quite a bit away from Kanto and Johto, aye? But don’t worry, I’m strong.


*laughs loudly at that mental image*

Please tell me you’re gonna do it complete with the make up. If you do, I’m definitely tagging along.

… Uh, I have no make-up, but if I can borrow some, sure!

It will be awesome! Last time I got a free milkshake from the staff ‘cause they liked me so much. They also asked me if I wanted a job there, but eeeh… I work as an Elite already, so passu.


Well not really, I was just going to go get something to eat then head back to the office to finish a few things.

Sounds boring!

I’m gonna go over to the McDonalds to impersonate their mascot and to give the kiddos there some balloon pokémon. Wanna come along? I can make a killer Ekans balloon!

joltik-ahead:Same thing… evil, horri— [ Groan ] Fwint.

Fine, but if I fall asleep take the hint that I don’t like it and don’t shake me awake. Sounds like it would be better as a giant taser… Btzz. [ He pinched Flint’s arm ] Go  get the pizza.

[The male flinched as he got pinched, taking a moment to stare at Volkner for a while.]

… Right. Pizza. Coming right up!  [He quickly got up, ruffling his hand through the other’s hair.]  You better not fall asleep during Dr. Horrible. Such greatness! I downloaded the episodes on my laptop before, we can watch it together, I think. You probably can hook that thing up to the TV.

[Flint then scurried to the kitchen to get the pizzas, his behaviour a bit idle.]


Oh never mind, you didn’t really mean it anyway Nugget, it’s okay.

Huzzah! So, got any plans for today, Cynthia?